Take the Journey East

 Trading in beautiful exotic handcrafted fashion, textiles and accessories.

 We have been sourcing amazing, hard to find pieces since 2008, trading in markets and festivals around Australia and now online around the world.

Journey East specialises in antique fabrics from ancient cultures including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam which are turned into clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags.

 Our clothes are sourced from ethnic cottage industries, desert gypsies, hill tribes & entrepreneurial women with small businesses and families.  We travel to our suppliers to ensure they receive their fair price and their workers a living wage.

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    Fold over tee
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    Shaanti for Journey East
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    Afghani tribal necklace
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    Hmong bags
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    Stone & brass earrings
Banjara bags & purses

Banjara bags & purses

The Banjara, also called the Lamani, are nomadic people from the Indian state of Rajasthan, now spread out all over the Indian subcontinent.  Like many nomadic castes they claim to be descended from Rajputs; and together with the Domba, they are called the "Gypsies of India".  They are known for their coloured dress, folk ornaments and bangles.

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